Gelatin is indispensable for the most diverse areas of modern life.There is hardly any other natural product whose applications are so diverse as those of gelatine. Gelatine plays a major role from foodstuffs, medicines and photography right up to matches..

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Energy Management

At Abalone, we employ clean technologies to save energy and significantly reduce transport emissions.

Environment Responsibility

For Abalone, success wouldn’t be possible without fresh air &clean water. We follow strict guidelines that minimize our environmental impact.

Quality Management

We only work with the best suppliers because world-class products need world-class raw materials. At Abalone, we never sacrifice quality or safety.

Responsible Sourcing

We exclusively source high quality raw materials. In this way, we ensure that our high quality collagen proteins meet the highest global quality and safety standards.

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Our reach spreads across the nation to fulfill aspirations everywhere. Some of the most discerning national companies are our customers. Use our location finder to find a Abalone team near you.

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